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Friday, October 30, 2015

NM drivers licenses invalid for domestic air flights

Driver's licenses issued by New Mexico are about to become a lot less useful, and residents can blame the state's insistence on issuing the IDs to illegal immigrants. 

The federal Department of Homeland Security informed state officials last week that a two-year effort to reconcile tough federal ID requirements with the granting of licenses to illegal immigrants based on dubious documents failed. Beginning on Jan. 10, state driver’s licenses will no longer be accepted at federal facilities, and eventually, state IDs won’t be enough to get bearers on board commercial flights.


Anonymous said...

One keeps hearing that Hispanics in NM are "socially conservative," favoring family values and hard work. Maybe true, but Hispanic legislators favor piling benefits onto illegals, of which there are many in NM. Give them a driver's license. Forget about the fact that they can't get insurance, because the requirement isn't enforced. Or, they use the insurance of family members who are green card or naturalized, or even US-born. I hope when run-of-the-mill regular US-citizen New Mexicans (like maybe State Legislators?) are stopped when trying to enter a military base or government lab in NM, or trying to board a plane without a valid US passport, things will change. Forget "sanctuary cities" - NM is a "sanctuary state." Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If you are an illegal and you want to get a standard US driver's license so you can begin your path to gaming the US welfare system and stay here illegally, you head to New Mexico. If you are a foreign terrorist and you wish to look like a normal American, you do likewise.

It's going to take the enforced isolation of this state from the rest of the nation to finally get the attention of the sleeping legislature in Santa Fe. Then, again, perhaps the state of New Mexico should just be given back to Old Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Then, again, perhaps the state of New Mexico should just be given back to Old Mexico.

November 1, 2015 at 8:56 PM

Almost no one in NM would notice the difference. Except maybe more shop owners and grocery store clerks would speak English. And fewer panhandlers.

Anonymous said...

NM is a "sanctuary state." Disgusting.

October 30, 2015 at 7:14 PM

That goes for the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) too, which resides in the state. Perhaps we found the "smoking gun" of LANLs systemic day-in and day-out safety and security problems. LANL - the sanctuary National Laboratory!

Anonymous said...

A "Sanctuary National Lab". I like that one, LOL. It so politically correct.

Hillary must immediately get to work on it, open up all areas of the weapon labs and let the illegals come in to stay. It's the "PC" thing to do. Besides, having to wear a badge that shows you are a lab employee and have a valid clearance is discriminatory. It makes other people feel bad. Hazel O'Leary (from the previous Clinton White House) proved that one way back in the mid-1990s.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that this dude is actually going to vote in the next election.

Anonymous said...



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