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Monday, January 4, 2016

LLNL BLOG 8 years later.

Dec 2nd 2007: was gone. This was a time of mental unrest and everyone had an opinion about the privatization.
We needed a forum to vent more than any other time in the history of LLNL.

I started with this first post:

Soon after, its brother, died. So, we had an influx of LANL readers and the LLNL BLOG became "it".

Not sure how LLNL management would react, I committed to keep the BLOG alive under the Scooby nickname. Then, in 2013, to deflect attention from scooby, I created a second nickname of

Today is my first day as a retired person. As in 2007, I am still committed to provide a forum for exchanging opinions, passing on new information and exposing injustices, abuse and fraud.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Julian Bentayeb


Anonymous said...

Dear Julian Bentayeb

Congrats and enjoy your retirement. Thanks for the blog it is a true service, informative, interesting and sometimes entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julian Bentayeb.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts and trying to keep a civil spirit on the site.

May you enjoy your new status and good health.

Julian Bentayeb said...

Thank you all my former colleagues!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Julian. May retirement and 2016 bring you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julian, and best wishes for a happy retirement.

Evil Echo said...

Enjoy your retirement, old friend.


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