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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Critical Audit of Los Alamos Finds Echoes in Livermore

An article in The Independent,, point out:

"This view corresponds to a common observation among LLNL managers and retirees following the change to a for-profit contract. They conclude that Bechtel was placing high priced managers at the Laboratory to give them a place to rest for several months between overseas contract assignments that would be important to their careers."

Guess this is why some people on this blog seem so happy with the Bechtel managers at LLNL or is it just the Bechtel people on the blog?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

>The latest Los Alamos audit, which includes language about DOE orders and implementation of corrective action programs, does nothing to allay that fear. One long–time critic, Chris Mechels, a former LANL employe, blamed the negative report on the University of California.
“I’m hoping very much that the University of California won’t be allowed to bid in 2017,” he said, as quoted in an article in the >
>Santa Fe New Mexican. “The feds shouldn’t have let University of California bid the last time because they had already failed.”

What kind of reporting is this? They basically ask a total lunatic his opinion? JFC is there no standard anymore? You can say a lot bad things about UC but firing Chris Mechels is not one of them, getting rid of that nutcase was a service to the nation, humanity and any possible sentient life forms in the universe.

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