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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Benefits question

I am a retiree of Llnl. I have Kaiser and cover my spouse under Kaiser senior avantage. I am not medicare eligible but my spouse is.
I received a statement from Emperian yesterday. It said that my Kaiser contribution is still $81 a month in 2017 as 2016. But my spouse portion will cost $425 a month with Kaiser Senior Advantage, begining Jan. 2017 instead of $210 in 2016.
Does anyone has the same situation as mine? Meaning the spouse cost portion increased more than doubled.
Thanks for any information I can get.


Anonymous said...

You are getting the wrong information. Maybe you confused Empyrean ?

Kaiser Medicare advance for your wife/domestic partner alone should be $212.50/month for 2017. LLNL will give you most if not all of that back per month as a subsidy. I think the subsidy for 2017 is $210/month for your partner. Your real cost will be to pay for CMS Medicare for your wife which will cost $183.20/month depending on your joint income. (I just wrote the check for November !) Could be slightly less or a lot more. Since you are not yet Medicare eligible you end up paying less for Kaiser, since you are in the Non-Medicare LLNL Group Plan.

You will find that Medicare is NOT a good deal except for the fact that LLNL provides a $420/month subsidy when you are both eligible. If your retirement income is low, you depend solely on Social Security, then of course Medicare is a great deal !

Anonymous said...

Let me also add that my grown children are paying from $250 to $325 per month each out of pocket for Kaiser under the Affordable Care Act, for coverage with huge deductibles. We haven't checked how these Kaiser Northern CA rates will go up for 2017. Afraid to actually see a doctor about any problems !

Anonymous said...

Just got my non-Medicare Kaiser info for next year. Rates for Kaiser are unchanged for the third year in a row. Not low priced, but I'm happy how the rates have not changed.


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