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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Small fire

  1. LANL reports fire at plutonium facility
    By Edmundo Carrillo/Journal North
    Friday, April 21st, 2017 at 5:47pm
    SANTA FE — A small fire broke out in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s plutonium facility Wednesday and caused minor injuries, but a lab spokesman said no radioactive materials were involved in the incident.

    The fire started around 10 a.m. during cleanup activity. Lab spokesman Kevin Roark said the blaze involved a pyrophoric metal material, which can spontaneously overheat in the presence of oxygen, but it was quickly put out. Roark said no radioactive substance was involved, but said the material that ignited is still under investigation.

    One employee was taken to the hospital with finger burns and was later released. The facility was not damaged and resumed normal operations Thursday, Roark said.

    The plutonium facility is part of the lab’s Technical Area 55.

  2. .

    Cowboy scientists!!!! I told you this is an out of control cultural zone of arrogance and hubris by scientists and engineers who think they are above it all just as Bodman said. How can you deny these real FACTS staring right at you?


Anonymous said...

Nanos? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

The troll who constantly accuses scientists of being arrogant is such a phony. Scientists are not involved in plutonium facility cleanup activities.

Anonymous said...

6:47 and 6:20. I am not Nanos but I do admire him. I like to think that I am not a phony however lately I have to ask myself if my own personal agenda is keeping me from doing my best to fight evil. I truly hate LANL, scientists and engineers, but there is a growing rise of fascism in this country, just look at Ann Coulter being allowed to speak at UC Berkeley, rise of hate speech, rise of oppression, and people being allowed to make hate videos on youtube and online hate chatrooms. Free speech is under attack by people who want to say hateful things. I may have to cut down my ethical war of disdain and disgust against LANL and focus on a higher order ethical war against hate, hate speech, and fascism.

Anonymous said...

Your war is not going well because you come off as a nothing more than just another deranged liberal.

Case in point, your nutty statement about the rise of fascism and "Ann Coulter being ALLOWED to speak at UC Berkeley." You are obviously promoting the vile liberal position that she not be ALLOWED to speak. That, you deranged liberal, IS fascism.

Anonymous said...

The people who rail against "hate speech" are what they abhor most: fascists. There is no such thing as "hate speech." There is only First Amendment - protected free speech, and certain other kinds of speech, as enumerated by the SCOTUS as exempt from the First Amendment. Such as direct threats of bodily harm, speech intended to incite violence, or speech intended to incite mayhem ("fire" in a crowded theater). All other speech is free and protected. You don't get to shut down speech you find offensive or politically incorrect. If you think you do, go find another country to live in.

Anonymous said...

Hum, a pyrophoric metal fire in a plutonium handling facility, but no radioactive materials were involved.

Anonymous said...

Fire in plutonium facility sends employee to hospital.

With a headline like this, someone is sure to get called to Congress for hearings. Would be entertaining if it was Napalitano and Pattiz that had to do it for the UC led contractor!

Anonymous said...

Cause we all know that accidents only happen to "cowboys."

Anonymous said...


what does a workplace injury at Los Alamos have to do with Ann Coulter?

Anonymous said...

Stuff happens when you're having fun at the Labs or on the road, at home, having fun, ... Just be prepared !

Just put NHRA qualified fire extinguishers in our race cars. Almost burnt a race car to the ground last session because of a wiring fire at the starting line ! Alternator failure caused a direct short of battery to ground ! Yikes !

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2017 at 10:35 AM

The labs are not places to have fun, you a job to do and and the labs have a profit to make just like 7-11, Walmart, and every other job. Do your job keep you head low, stay silent, keep underground and do your job for your 6-7 hours a day that you "work" go home and shut up. Make some money, have a decent life and live with a compromised conscious, no different than how everyone else live their lives, you are no different you are not special, you help others make profit so you can get paid. The reality is that 98 percent of the people work for a job, they may not like that job, the may wish the could do something else, but at the end of they day they have to deal with the cards that life has dealt them and work for money to make ends meet. The so called workers at LANL are NO different so go to work obey and make some money so that others can make even more money to keep food on the table, if you have a problem with that than remember that there are 10 to 100 people out there for every one of you that would be happy to do your job and and not complain about and probably do it for less. There is nothing special about what you do, if you take a bucket of water and move your hand through it it fills up right behind your hand there is no vacuum it is replaced instantly and that is life for the working people, always has been always will be, live with it or go broke but please do not complain on the blog and put the livelihood at risk for those of us who get it

Anonymous said...

What the hell did that rambling blather have to do with the fire?

What's a compromised "conscious" anyway?

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2017 at 11:10 PM is perpetually astonished and aggravated that anyone expects to find their career enjoyable and rewarding. He wants everyone to be nothing but a silent obedient drudge like he apparently was, and resents anyone who thinks life should offer more than that. He doesn't understand the difference between "profit," which he says drives everything at the labs, and "award fee" which actually drives everything. He insists that there is nothing special about the work at the labs, as if they were assembling widgets to sell for $5.99 plus tax. He really is a very sad and pitiful individual, whose only solace comes from his conviction that everyone should have as miserable and meaningless a life as he has.

Anonymous said...

I'll wager 11:10 has never worked an honest day in his life. It's pretty clear he was let go.


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