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Friday, April 14, 2017

APS News

  1. This month's issue of "APS News" arrived in the mail this week and the front page cover headline was "How African-American Women Succeed in Physics." Clearly the APS has moved away from promoting science and is now spending all of the dues collected to promote diversity and inclusion. In the process it has lost its once mighty clout as the lead advocate for science in Washington, and an important supporter of the NNSA physics labs is now relegated to just one more noisy voice in the crowd.

  3. The dreadful lack of women in STEM educational fields, and the scary demographic trends regarding men vs women in higher education in general, might justify some of this, but the title (I haven't read the article) seems to indicate a truly unfortunate racial focus. How about "How Women Succeed in Physics"? Wouldn't that necessarily include African-American women? Not politically correct enough for whomever APS is trying to impress?

  4. If you are going to remove the race, why not the sex too. Just talk about the real issue, which is presumably, "How do under-represented minorities succeed in physics?" It's the same issues for all, starting with fewer role models who students feel they can identify with

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Anonymous said...

I presume African-American women succeed in physics the same way other people succeed in physics. By being very good in physics, able to accomplish goals, able to write lots of papers, able to get along with and motivate colleagues, able to line up funding, etc etc. Is there some other secret way that only African-American women know about?


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