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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Women at labs

  1. LANL Website:

    "The only national laboratories that earned a spot on the Woman Engineer list of top government employers were Los Alamos (No. 14) and Sandia National Laboratories (No. 17)."

    KRQE News:

    "Women at Sandia Labs allege discrimination in federal lawsuit"

  2. Really, a local liberal Albuquerque news headline as evidence of something? What a joke. Yeah, that's a great source of "facts." Aggrieved people can "allege" anything they want. Doesn't make it true. Whiners and crybabies (or in this case, crybullies) get all the press they want these days.


Anonymous said...

Career growth and opportunities for women in the workforce require much more effort than a recruitment "head count".

Anonymous said...

Agreed, "head count" is stupid. So, any suggestions as to policy? Or just a general gripe? How to balance credentials vs work availability vs contribution level, etc. for "equally qualified" employees? Propose some smart doable solutions, or join the ranks of the blatherers.

Anonymous said...

Dont want people like Napolitano or Nickie Dirks. Hire the honest and useful.

Anonymous said...

Try living up to your policies like equal pay for equal work. Oh right that isn't "doable." If you can hire women for less, why would you ever pay them fairly? A lot of women have left over that, but only the really capable ones.

You could also try advancing women who are qualified instead of just yes-women figure-heads, but that would require that you are willing to listen to women in management. We know how that works: doesn't she get it, she gets a big salary to go along with what her betters (men) want; she isn't supposed to ask questions or make suggestions or comments. Smart people don't want a job just to collect a salary, truly smart people want to be proud of the work they are a part of and they can get the salary elsewhere or take the pension and run.

So are these "doable" solutions or just blathering? Yes, yes, I know you management weenies don't take suggestions because if anyone else knew anything they would be managers, right?


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