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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bill pre-filed to tax non-profit LANL operator

LANL contract still about the money to local community and state and not about the national mission “We’re trying to prevent the potential of a nonprofit entity taking over the management operation of the lab, which would have, needless to say, a $24 million impact to the state of New Mexico, as well as a $22 million impact to Los Alamos County,” Cisneros said. “It’s a significant concern for all of us that we maintain that status in terms of revenue for both the state and local government.” The bill seeks to specifically target non-profit contractors that take over the management and operations contracts of the state’s two national laboratories now and into the future. 


Anonymous said...

Please NNSA do not be swayed by this. LANL serves the whole of the United States and if can serve better the United States better by being non-profit than make it non-profit.

I would also argue that extra 50 million that has gone to the town of Los Alamos and the state of New Mexico since the lab become for profit has not been spent wisely or used in a responsible manner, in fact it probably has hurt more than it has helped New Mexico. Somehow the town of Los Alamos and the state of New Mexico survived just fine for 60 years. LANL is not a business and should not be taxed as one.

Anonymous said...

"“We’re trying to prevent the potential of a nonprofit entity taking over the management operation of the lab"

What makes your concern for free money that did earn take precident over the concerns of the entire nation when it comes
to a properly functioning national laboratory that serves the entire nation?

Anonymous said...

The entitlement is strong here. Perhaps as strong as at either coast.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all you can say about something is “that’s so stupid it’s not even wrong.”

Anonymous said...

These people are just utterly shameless. They would sell out the entire nation for a few bucks. Hell I say call them on it and move the pits to South Carolina and the rest to California, I would bet they would change their tune real fast.

Anonymous said...

24 million dollars to the state of NM, hell with that kind of money you could do a UFO study.

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