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Monday, December 4, 2017

Study: LANL may not be best for pit-making

"Study: LANL may not be best for pit-making" "A single page from a briefing on a National Nuclear Security Administration study of where pit production should be ramped up over the next two decades leaked out on Friday. The document says there are cheaper and quicker options at Idaho National Laboratory and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina."


Anonymous said...

Why does the NM media continually cite Greg Mello as some kind of expert on nuclear operations at Los Alamos? His opinions lend no credibility.

Anonymous said...

"Why does the NM media continually cite Greg Mello as some kind of expert on nuclear operations at Los Alamos? His opinions lend no credibility.

December 4, 2017 at 3:58 PM"

Well that is easy the news always likes to get two sources or opposing views and they want to do this with the least amount of work possible. Suppose you had to write a story on Los Alamos and you need somebody who seems to have credibility, you could spend several hours trying to find such a source, call people, write stuff up and so on. On the other hand you could send Mello a fast email and ask for a comment. This leaves more time to go to the bar. The media simply does not do much in the way or work anymore and this goes well beyond NM newspapers if you know what I mean.

Don't ne so hard on Mr Mello, he has been around a long time and he and the study group want one thing which is to close Los Alamos. Mello has argued against LANL on every single little thing but in the end got absolutely nothing. LANL is bigger and getting more money than ever and will continue to do so for a long long time. It has to be hard to live your life without having any impact. A more cynical view is the Mello and the crew that make money off the study group will never work very hard or put up strong arguments against LANL since they actually want LANL to stay open because it is their meal ticket. An even more cynical view is that the LANL study group is actually a CIA or NSA front in which to monitor or keep in check other more credible anti-nuke groups. The last one sounds pretty incredible but if factor in how completely ineffective LASG has been and that LANL seems to grow whenever they protest against LANL it does make you think .

Anonymous said...

"The Latest: US: More study needed on nuclear pit production"

Anonymous said...

Looks like McCain wants to keep the pits in LANL. Things are getting good. By the way I hope everything is ok with Scooby.

Anonymous said...

More good stuff. By the way I love the comments sections Chris Mechels can always be counted on add some insanity. He is one crazy and bitter guy. What the hell is wrong with him?

Anonymous said...

Politics at play. Lots of money to be made with pit production.

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