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Thursday, December 7, 2017

LANS, LLNS and social media.

How do "command and control" fear based management, for-profit DOE contractors like LANS and LLNS, deal with social media like this blog? Are their PR/attorney staff constantly trying to discredit blog posts?


Anonymous said...

Charlie McMillian had his going away photo op today, so for 10.99$ you got taken photo with Charlie, and 16.99 he would sign an autograph. Bechtel got 30% of the proceeds. Seriously it was not well attended and only the usual suspects showed up, this whole thing was just creepy and weird. It just shows that Charlie and LANS are leaving completely out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Well, they showed up a decade ago completely clueless. It makes sense that they would go back to California the same way. Don't let the door hit you on the ass.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance !

Anonymous said...

Notice: LLNL the next inspection will reveal all. Then you can badmouth the inspection team as per usual. Much like you do. Accuse them you may, belittle them you will and in the end when all non compliance issues had been exposed, then Wallace Hartley and his band will play.

Anonymous said...

"Notice: LLNL the next inspection will reveal all."

Please expand on "next inspection"

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