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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

NNSA are you paying attention ?;

NNSA are you paying attention to what is going on at LANL?

This is what you can expect to have more of if the next contractor is also a university led group. Time to put industrial companies in charge of operations at the rad and nuc facilities to improve safety.


Anonymous said...

We tried privatization it is a disaster. I guess it worked out real well at Rocky Flats thanks to Dow, and we can thank GE for the Hanford tanks, too. Boy what a problem solver you are.

Anonymous said...

"This is what you can expect to have more of if the next contractor is also a university led group. "

Bitter much?

I good idea would be to put Bechtel in charge? Well maybe just maybe NNSA is paying attention and that is why the contract is changing. Look you have personal issue with UC, this issue is personal and is not something that we need to hear about, deal with yourself. No matter who gets the next contract your issues will not change.

Anonymous said...

Dupont at Hanford. Dupont at SRS. Both huge success stories. The tanks were not supposed to have to last this long in the first place. Most of the production plants were run by private businesses since the beginning. University vs Private industry is not the issue. Poor culture of the operations team is the issue. If we want to get into environmental disasters, LANL has a few too (mercury, DU, HexCr, etc.)....

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