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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Is it time for collective bargaining?

Is it time for large scale collective bargaining to address eroding benefits with LLNS?

I understand why scientific, engineering, and technical staff might feel collective bargaining is not necessary in a true private sector company, but LANS and LLNS are no such thing. They are for-profit LLCs with training wheels. Meaning LANSLLNS has "no skin in the game" if there is low employe morale, high employee turn over, or underperforms with respect to mission goals. LANSLLNS wins anyway, by spinning all such occurrences into new NNSA assessed "challenges". In the true private sector, you can't spin your leadership failures to retain market share. Blog comments that suggest only under-performing "losers" want representation, are either ignorant of basic market share economics or are shills for LANSLLNS. 

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