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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dual career ladder

Under LLNS management, is the "dual career ladder" concept officially dead?


Anonymous said...

What is a dual career ladder?

Anonymous said...

"A dual career ladder is a career development plan that allows upward mobility for employees without requiring that they be placed into supervisory or managerial positions. This type of program typically serves as a way to advance employees who have deep technical skills and/or education but who are not interested or inclined to pursue a management or supervisory track.

Dual career ladder programs are most common in scientific, medical, information technology and engineering fields or fields that typically exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

-Require substantial technical or professional training and expertise beyond the basic level generally recognized by national credentials or licensure.

-Are known for rapid innovation.

-Are in industries where retaining top employees is critical to business success. "

Anonymous said...

April 29, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Thank you for the clarification. The answer to the organically questions is yes it is dead at LLNL and LANL. You could say it died with LLNS and LANS but the it probably started when we stoped testing. Both LLNL and LANL have been in steep decline in terms of science, innovation, and vibrancy. This has actually been documented by looking at the output of the labs and the quality of the new people brought into the labs. The labs are simply no longer do scientific work, information technology, or engineering and they no longer need elite expertise. The new mangers believe they no longer need to have any expertise in a specific thing, they are simply managers, they can manage a McDonalds, a gas station or a lab, the skills are the same. These skills are to check boxes, make sure there are no security or safety incidents. The less that is done, the less time people spend at work the more likely these things can be achieved. What do the labs do other than safety and security? You miss a milestone you have "maybe" a minor problem, have a safety incident you have a major problem. Management is the only way to get ahead and the managers know this and that is why they try not to interact with non-managers and simply look down on workers as dumb or idealistic who do not understand the way of the real world. Managers have actually told me that one can profit with the decline of the labs if you accept them for what they have become and try not to live in the past.

Anonymous said...

"The answer to the organically questions is..." English please.

Anonymous said...

“Managers have actually told me that one can profit with the decline of the labs if you accept them for what they have become and try not to live in the past.”

I completely agree with this statement. It is clear that LANS, and I’m just guessing LLNS, have significantly reduced the science, innovation and vibrancy of the labs. That can-do attitude has been replaced with repeated narratives about why something cannot be done. We are left with facilities that are fully operational, but please don’t try to do any work there.

The NNSA also lives in the past because it still relives the glory days in so far as how great SRS ran the production reactors. “We must find them a mission” many say. Pit production, to happen in a partially completed but now needs to be completely rebuilt MOX facility is so far outside the ability of SRS that it is clear that NNSA has lost control and needs to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

work free safety zone.... repeat from 2004.

Anonymous said...

Outside of the capabilities of SRS? Coming from a labbie? This is a joke right. Stick with development scale. We will handle real production.

Anonymous said...


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