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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BLOG's 1st anniversary!

A year ago, I posted this torch in the first post of this BLOG vowing to continue the defunct I named it llnlthetruestory.
I am about ready to hand the ownership to the next volunteer. Please email me if you want to continue the BLOG.


Frank Young said...

Congrats Scooby, and thank you! A year of running a blog represents a tremendous amount of your time and effort for which you received only our gratitude. Should we ever meet, though, I will buy the beer.


scooby said...

Thank you Frank!

Anonymous said...

yes scooby, many thanks for the countless hours of work
some of us appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the new blogmaster is no better than the old blogmaster. He or she picks what he or she wants to post and when it become to controversial or not in support of his or her political view / candidate, he or she deleted the topics entire. So don't worry there will be no improvement to your blog. If you haven't noticed anything pro Obama is kept but anything anti-Obama is eliminated since there can only be one party and one view. Another example of a pure Communist / Socialist media at work. It seems those who run blogs are no better than those who control the major media's like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or MSNBC. I guess this is why the LLNL blog when run years ago had it all over LLNL blog. That blogmaster at least let people vent regardless if her or she agreed with it.

Neko said...

December 16, 2008 7:16 AM

You make no sense - what are you talking about. I've not edited one post. Everything that's been left for comment has been posted.

I think I will start a new post soon. Something for posts that have nothing to do with the topic discussed. I am able to move posts, but I've not deleted any as of yet. I simply try to moderate.

I am glad that you're reading and participating on this blog though.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that I REALLY APPRECIATE the Blog, and all the work to keep it going.

Since it started, I took the VSSOP. The Blog did and continues to provide access to information that is important to me, and now that I'm retired, it is a link to see where LLNL is going, and what is happening.

Many topics are of continuing importance, such as Benefits. Mostly I am a reader, (or maybe a lurker?) I suspect there are lots of silent readers out here. But now and then I've posted a point or a question, and usually am pleased to see a good response!

MY Sincere THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scooby for all your hard work this past year. This blog has and continues to be a helpful source of the TRUTH!

scooby said...

Thank you for your kind words 12/29 6:24PM!


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