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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why do you think you should be Secretary of Energy?

Anonymous wanted to know why do you think you should be Secretary of Energy. WHat does it take to be one? why do you think you could do the job or what would you do different?


Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

Please replace the "why do you think you should be Secretary of Energy" thread with- STEVEN CHU IS NEW SECRETARY OF ENERGY. Can you believe the new world order- Nobel Laureates in charge! This the kind of change we need- thank goodness Obama did not choose Arnold!

Anonymous said...

Who cares. He'll just fall into the same old trap all politicians do and this one will protect his own kind.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be Dr. Chu, a Chinese American.

How ironic! It was the Wen Ho Lee episode that started a chain of complaints that finally resulted in the "for-profit" privatization of the NNSA labs. Now, nearly 8 years after this ugly episode, we have Dr. Chu as the next head of the DOE.

I wish him well. There is a lot that needs fixing in DOE. I strongly suggest he begin by immediately firing Capt. Tom D'Agostino at NNSA and replacing him with a more capable leader.

He should also put pressure on UCOP to kick Adm. Bob Foley out of his position as head of UC Lab Management. Foley was one of the stealth forces behind the privatization efforts which have occured at the NNSA labs. He is helping out his old Navy buddies. My God, this man is now almost 88 years old. The fact that he still runs this UCOP office is almost beyond belief. Throw him out! Throw all the bums out!

Anonymous said...

December 13, 2008 8:48 PM

He's either Chinese or American. What is he. This hyphenated BS is just that BS. You are either an American , period, or Not an American. You can't have it both ways and I for one will never buy into this political correct BS. As soon as I see anyone hyphenate their name I suspect they are more loyal to their home country than America. It hyphenation that has destroyed this country and you people are to stupid to see it. If you are going to allow this to happen then just milk the country for all its worth and let it implode as you are already doing. As it stands now everything the people of WWII dies for you are allowing to take place in your own backyard. I'm sure they are grateful. If you want hyphenation of ones heritage maybe we need to start identifying ourselves as Californian- American, Texas-American, Maryland-American, Georgia-American or better yet Afro-American. Again, you are either an American or you're not an American.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be a fly on the wall when "Fast Eddie" presents LLNL's latest harebrained scheme to save the world with fusion energy. After all, a fusion reactor has only been 20 years away for 60 years. Somehow I suspect that Dr. Chu will be a little harder to snow than the previous fools who have held his new position.

You gotta be s***ing me is his most probable reply.

Anonymous said...

After listening to comments from Dr. Chu, it's clear that he is a big proponent of solar energy and silicon research. He wants to push solar thin panel technology and get the cost down by a factor of x2 or x3, or perhaps even by x5.

I agree with Dr. Chu that if we can make them very thin and very cheap, people will be willing to paste them up on the south side of almost every home in America.

It could lead to a big technology boom in line with the PC tech boom of the 90s. Let's hope it works!

On the issue of nuclear weapons, I don't think this guy plans to spend much time thinking about the issue. Expect more benign neglect. He'll be very good for the DOE energy labs (ORNL, PNNL, etc), but not so good for the weapon labs (LLNL and LANL).

Anonymous said...

Rumors are being heard that Dr. Chu doesn't wish to be bogged down with the declining NNSA weapons complex. Gates over at DOD is petitioning Obama to have the NNSA weapons complex turned over to DOD control and Dr. Chu has no big problems with this idea, as he want to concentrate on alternative energy research. Big changes may be coming to the nuclear weapon labs.

Anonymous said...

December 16, 2008 9:36 AM

Does this mean we will once again transition from LLNS to civil serice WG and GS grades and all prior miltary service will count towards retirement. If so that's a good deal. I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

December 15, 2008 3:32 PM

If he'd sell them to the public for a factor of 5X cheaper than they are now we may actually be able to put them on the home.

Anonymous said...

December 19, 2008 1:21 PM

No. DOD would just take over responsibility for the contract with LLNS to run LLNL. Although part of the rumor inside the beltway is DOD might consider letting DOE keep LLNL. Since Dr. Chu is much more familiar with the science work at LLNL, and the joint projects between his lab and LLNL, he might also push to keep LLNL in DOE.

Under the "Complex Transformation" plan signed this week by NNSA, the NNSA work and footprint at LLNL is going to get very small over the next five years. Specific to LLNL; NNSA is planning on defunding the work they sponsor at Superblock and Site 300, cutting the lab's annual security budget by $30 million, removing all SNM, reducing LLNL buildings supporting NNSA weapons accounts by 30%, and cutting by 20% LLNL staff on NNSA accounts. And remember that NNSA came up with this plan before LLNL's RRW work died.

NNSA does not care about energy/basic science, while DOE and Dr. Chu do... NNSA cares about nuclear weapons, which DOE and Dr. Chu don't... So if nuclear weapons work at LLNL is decreasing, and energy/basic science funding in DOE is increasing - where is LLNL better off?

Anonymous said...

stephen colbert


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