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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time to pull together

Demo or Repo or Indi, really does not matter. We all need to work at changing the way LLNL (LLNS) does business so we can keep our jobs. I'm not going to take sides, but I would like us to provide some realistic input so that hopefully our management will listen as I'm pretty sure they at least have their admins read this Blog for them if they don't read it themselves.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time to eliminate LLNL and LLNL entirely. Let Sandia manage us. They have effectively broadened their sponsor base, have a great combination of well-run engineering and cutting-edge "academic"-type science. I'd be interested to hear if bringing WFO money at Sandia requires the 50 questions game and waiting a month (or more) for the site office to bother to look at our paperwork before "allowing" us to start work.

Anonymous said...

The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

Anonymous said...

What, you think LLNS wants more WFO work at this lab? They could care less.

Bringing in WFO projects doesn't increase any executive bonuses or up the annual NNSA performance scores, so why should LLNS even care? In their eyes, it just makes LLNS more difficult to manage, so why bother?

With Bechtel now running the show, the biggest desire of the LLC management will be to get new construction projects going at LLNL. That's the easiest way for Bechtel to milk the lab for maximum corporate profits.

Anonymous said...

LLNS's goal is to earn their fee and help their parent company expand their strongold as a government contractor.
If anyone believes LLNS share the traditional values of LLNL, such as passion for mission and respect for the individual, they also believe in GM's extended family and Santa Claus!

Anonymous said...

I have been pulling and pulling, problem is the management pulls in the opposite direction. Pulling together means the managers pull with us, till then, pulling by the workers cannot succeed.


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