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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What would you do?

Ok, so you are the king of the lab for a day. Being realistic, you know, really having to operate within a budget, and having to get a job do. What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Beg the UC Regents to take the lab back.

Anonymous said...

Dump NNSA and try hard to get moved back to Office of science or make the move to DOD.

Stop all LDRD not related to a WFO sponsor or NIF programs. We need focus and funding to those programs bringing in money need to grow.

Remove all the middle management and associated admin management staff positions.

Bulldoze half the site and reduce the footprint.

Sorry....but this would result in more people needing to go.

Anonymous said...

1. Frogmarch every Bechtel lacky out the gate at gunpoint.

2. Send a classified letter to SecDef Gates detailing how screwed up the Weapons Complex really is.

3. Send a unclassified letter to Congress and the White House telling them to talk to Gates. Additionally request that a national defense emergency be declared so that both lab contracts would be immediately terminated and control assumed by DoDef. Under those terms all employees will become Federal employees, with Federal protections, wages, benefits, and retirement programs.

4. Furthermore request a criminal investigation of Betchel, NNSA, and ULM for waste, fraud, abuse and possible treason for subverting the nation's nuclear program.

5. Send a personal letter to every current, layed-off, or retired employee ( or next of kin ) apologising for the wrongs done.

I could do all that for less money than GM spends for lunch - that within the budget?

Anonymous said...

1) I will demote or layoff any one with "deputy" in their title.
2) I will create an AD and put him or her in charge of improving morale
3) I will stand up to NNSA's stupid bureaucratic requirements that add work but no value.
4) I will promote productivity to an equal level as safety and security.
5) I will not tolerate incompetence at any level
6) I will bring back LLNL values through action not words.

Anonymous said...

January 19, 2009 2:45 PM,

Well said. Well said.

Anonymous said...

"Stop all LDRD not related to a WFO sponsor or NIF programs."

Wait, haven't we already run for a decade the experiment of providing about every possible institutional subsidy to the northeast corner?

Anonymous said...

All leadership levels at LLNL need to be reevaluated.....more than the deputies need to go. In chemistry the group leader did little more than ensure you wrote your own PA so they could garner a higher salary and take the credit for doing the work.

Anonymous said...

I would make a flat management structure as follows: The lab head, two deputy lab heads, program leaders, this should be about 6-8, project leaders probably 30-40, and employees. Minimal administrative staff. Except for those managers, everyone, and I mean everyone should be an employee. Employees not doing their job would be fired (as would any manager). Can't be done? Well companies of similar size do it, so don't feed me that BS.

Set performance metrics. Each and every person should have a set of goals, that if met, means greater compensation. These metrics define success or failure. Not something arbitrary. Don't meet your goals? Then less compensation. Don't meet any of your goals? Nice working with you.


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