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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

George Bush, the stalwart of nuclear non-proliferation, whiffs.

George Bush, the stalwart of nuclear non-proliferation, whiffs.


Anonymous said...

This last year in office Bush has switched from confrontation to a "I don't care. I'm outta here." mode.

But I'd lay the blame on a much larger group. IAEA has shown it's largely unconcerned in really stopping proliferation. Several countries are openly aiding terror states with tech and materials. The world as a whole does not care, our congress does not care. So at some point maybe Bush should not care either.

Not that I like that attitude one bit. Israel is going to end up making some nasty moves solo as a result of this.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he'll leave this for the Obamanator who I'm sure will take them to starbucks for a latte and discuss the matter running on the platform of, "can't we all get along."

Anonymous said...

the president should always care

Anonymous said...

George Bush is such a dim wit that the only way he knows how to put his shorts on is yellow in front, brown in back.

Anonymous said...

George Bush is willing to be hated by half the country in order to live by his principles and protect us all.

I salute him and sincerely hope I can be half the man he is in my life and efforts.

He also sent a letter to every fallen soldiers family and quietly visited with many.

As he said in his final speech at least respect him for making the hard decisions.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I love the way he calls them "hard" decisions. They were hard alright. It was hard to live through his ineptness. History will not be kind to him.

Anonymous said...

"He also sent a letter to every fallen soldiers family and quietly visited with many." - 4:07 PM

That is the least he could do. He also sent them to their death in an unnecessary war!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about unnecessary deaths....

Botched rescue mission in Iran during the Carter Admin due to poor planning.

Caving into French demands about airstrike schedules in the Serbian conflict, leading to predictable routing. Our only F-117 shoot-down as a result. Clinton.

Ignoring Al Quaeda during Clinton administration. World Trade center destroyed on 2nd attempt shortly after Bill Jeff leaves office.

Somalia. The Blackhawk Down incident due to Clinton being unwilling to commit sufficient armor and air support to the fight.

Carter is still fevertly supporting the Palestinians. Recall one of the agreements Carter brokered forced Israel to release a number of terrorists, including one who later flew a plane into the Trade Center.

The "Nation Building" Clinton attempted in Haiti and Somalia are complete failures with huge costs in lives to the local populace.

Before you bash Bush, look at the blood on the other president's hands. The Democrats are hardly saints either.


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