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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good old boys' culture still alive and well

One of the rays of hope I saw in this privatization was the fall of the good ol' boys' culture and seeing the Lab run like a real private company.

This culture is seen in the up hill battle to consolidate services and insfrastructure due to lack of cooperation. Publicly, there is lip service on the merits of consolidation. Privately, many divisions and groups run like companies within the company, looking out for themselves and not LLNL's benefit.

The culture is seen in the egotistic attitude of "we are smarter than the other groups and departments". COMP for example has an incredible prefrence for COMP people when hiring, regardless of qualifications. Just count how many EBAs were shoved in jobs they had no interest in last year while they were plenty of qualified people from other directorates.

I had a manager tell me once about another manager, when I offered a way to resolve an issue for the other Manager:"Let her worry about climbing her own hill".

It is going to be 2 years now and it has not changed much. Will it change?
Will we become a real company where the interest of the institution comes first?

You probably see this culture under many other faces. Would you care to share?


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