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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kaiser co payment now double or triple!

Anonymous said...

Just went to renew my meds, and contrary to what I was told, the copayments are double or triple. I am a retiree- took the buyout, and glad I did! Before, meds were a 90 day supply for one copayment. We were told that the 2009 copayment would only cover 30 days of meds, unless we used Kaiser's mail program, in which case it would cover 90 days, like before. But Kaiser now charges 2 copayments, even if you use the mail. Now $10 for generics, and $25 for non.

NOTE: You gotta fight Kaiser for everything?

At this rate many generics cost less if you forget about your coverage, and just pay the cost of the meds, at Kaisers' member rate. Also ask for a whole bottle. Atenolol costs $10 for 50 pills, (100 days), or $10.50 for 100. Others are similar.

Q. Have others had this problem? How can they possibly say this is "substantially equivalent?" What can we do?


May 2, 2009 10:56 AM


Anonymous said...

"substantially equivalent?" ... Haven't you heard, that was for
Oct. 1, 2007 only. After Oct. 1, Subs. Equiv. is NOT required ... "required" not written anywhere in the contract. Just like: everyone will have a job on Oct. 1, 2007. You know what happened after Oct. 1 ...Layoff!!

Anonymous said...

NNSA and the for-profit LLCs have a different definition for the term "substantially equivalent" than what you might find in a dictionary.

Enjoy your retirement while you can. I'm sure more "substantially equivalent" changes from NNSA and LLNS are in store for the future.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed that. One Kasier phrmacy employee told me that If I want to pay 1 co-pay to ask my doctor for a 30-day supply; any increment (no matter how small, even if it 2 piils) will cost you a second copay!

Anonymous said...

Check your statistics, the "substantially equivalent" retiree is a dead retiree. Their co-pays have not changed at all.

Anonymous said...

Check out Wal Mart's $4 prescriptions. I get my Atenolol for $4 every month. They 100+ medications on this plan.

Anonymous said...

WalMart might be a lot less.
They also offer 90 days for $10, which can be about one third of the Kaiser "benefit."

Here's the link to Wal Mart, that shows what meds are covered. Note: They also sell many over the counter meds at the same price:

Q. If I have my Kaiser meds, can I just take the bottle to WalMart, or do I need to get a written prescription?
Does that mean I have to get another Dr.s appt?

Anonymous said...

Re: Wal Mart $4 prescriptions....

All you need is a written prescription from your Dr. 1x. I would say a Dr. visit co-pay is worth it!


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