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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wake up everybody!

Wake up, wake up! With the state of laboratory, in terms of morale and what LLNS has been doing with retirement benefits, is any one surprised? The laboratory was turned over to private hands. As wall street items have demonstrated (think AIG and others), top personnel only consider their best interests and making a buck. The LLNS managers now operate under a different environment than past LLNL management. Concern for the people working for them? Be serious, does that have anything to do with making a buck, or 'stream lining'. That emotion of 'caring' just gets in the way. I would imagine that if a manger shows that they 'care' about their people, they have started the walk down the plank.

In terms of the retiree benefits that LLNS immediately went after. It is doubtful if LLNS sees them as people. Most likely the retirees are seen as a left over 'nuisance', to be dealt with according. The loyalty of past workers, and that of current workers is no longer an item to have value. Past workers were motivated by the love of their job, the 'campus atmosphere', having a good set of benefits, and doing something for the country. In many cases people could have made more money in private industry, but they chose to stay with the laboratory. They felt at home. The situation has drastically changed with the arrival of the LLNS bureaucracy. The trust, the value system, the benefits, and the work place 'happiness' factor are on a drastic descent. If you were on an airplane, it would be time to strap on the parachute.

LLNS is not about making workers feel comfortable, or exited about working at the new 'lab', it is about profit making, by any means necessary. Smart workers who take this attitude with their salary/work abilities, will be appreciated better outside of the laboratory.

With all of the stripping away of the veneer that constituted LLNL, the management of LLNS keeps giving less reason for workers to stay with them. For workers, considering a long relationship with LLNS, they need to look at how LLNS is handling the retirement benefits of current retirees. They need to glimpse how they will be treated. They need to be concerned.


Anonymous said...

You guys better get unionized or you're going to lose it all.

Anonymous said...

Can employees start a petition to the DOE to meet demands?

Anonymous said...

Take a good look around you. The employees are all shell-shocked by recent NNSA and LLNS actions into a condition of numbness and apathy. No one seems to care any longer. LLNL is in a state of serious decline.

Anonymous said...

Lets just consolidate and complete the transition and move on. Then moral can improve and the place can find a purpose. The other option is just close the place and DOE can spend the money cleaning up the site.

Anonymous said...

A petition to DOE? DOE signed the separation papers drawn up by St. Pete in the creation of NNSA. DOE was probably glad to have the NNSA created as the intermediate whipping boy. With the new administration weapons are the ugly red headed step child. Just check out how Dr. Chu holds LANL and LLNL at arms length because of our stinky diapers (weapons).

There is no cold war to put the fear in congress to make them want to write checks for us. We couldn't persuade them on the need for the RRW and Domenici and Tauscher are not here to soften the blow.

And remember, unlike LANL, Livermore lab is not a major employer in California. HP is talking about laying off 6,400 people, that number would close the lab. I have not heard a hue and cry from California congress members bemoaning that cut.

Congress demanded accountability and we got the NNSA and they have come through with stifling restrictions. Congress want's a cheaper/smaller weapons complex and NNSA will (and is their duty) comply with those wishes.

You can circulate the petitions and forward them to Dr. Chu, or you can fold them into paper airplanes and sail them into the nearest garbage can. The results will be similar.

But having vented, it probably would be worth while to have a petition just to say the band was playing as the ship went under the waves.

Anonymous said...

It was the government that killed the Lab. The new lab is just a spin-doctored representation of the old Lab. Profit is the motive. The University for all its warts, and faults could be trusted in the aggregate. It demonstrated its caring through its benefits and procedures in HR. Those have been gutted in favor of profit. Bechtel doesn't care, never will. Will the DOE ever wake up? Probably not, they still have benefits.

Anonymous said...


This is just another rant and a redundant and poorly worded one at that. Give us a topic that is at least informative rather than preaching to the choir.

Anonymous said...

all right sheepeople this is how our benifits will play out in the next two years. first we will be dumped into kaiser then all retires including those who retired under calpers will be dumped! RECHTEL AND HEWITT& ASSOCIATS are currently working on it.

Anonymous said...

Wake up for what? No one cares anymore or haven't you noticed. Not Congress, not NNSA, not the sheeple who work for a made-up company called LLNS, and certainly not the LLNS executive management.

LLNL is on life support. It's main task in the remaining years will be to pump a healthy profit into Bechtel and to make the LLNS executives very rich. Your job as a loyal LLNS employee will be to help with this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Under the ridiculous guise of privatization, GW Bush handed over one of the country's crown jewel assets to his pals at Bechtel, and yet the LLNL suckers somehow want to blame Obama.


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