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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Concerns Over the Recent NIF Media Blitz

Anonymously contributed:

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This blog has lost its way. Time to call it quits and shut it down.

Anonymous said...

LLNL is renowned for it's b.s.. LIFE is a good example. Next story.

Anonymous said...

Shut it down? But it is just getting interesting.

Anonymous said...

The only time Tri-Valley CARES will approve any news release from the Laboratory will be the one in which the lab has been fully shut down and the property turned over to Tri-Valley Cares so they can set up shop to gloat.

You can bet that every success or milestone that ANY entity who receives congressional funding will bet touted in news releases. That is how you get the attention of the political machine.

CARES bemoans the fact that 85% of the research is for nuclear weapons research. Well, convince congress and the president to resume testing and maybe NIF will spend more of it's research efforts on non-weapon activities.

Anonymous said...

This blog is dull and getting duller. The number of comments to the posts has dropped. Few people are bothering to read it any longer.

Beyond that, the massive PR blitz that NNSA has been putting out is having an effect in making them look brilliant. Tom D'Agostino is spending big money on the best PR agents money can buy and his Madison Avenue gambit is gaining success in the media and with Congress. If you lie long enough and big enough, it eventual begins to gain traction (sad, but true).

NNSA and the for-profit LLCs have won and the employees have lost. Time to call it a game and head back home (and turn off this blog).

scooby said...

"This blog is dull and getting duller"
Thank you for you contribution.
Please feel free to help make it less dull or feel free to no longer visit.

Anonymous said...

The NIF will NEVER be shut down. It is a weapons project first and foremost and a very valuable tool in developing and verifying computer simulations used for stockpile stewardship. That IS the way it is.

Anonymous said...

March 28, 2010 6:56 PM sayeth

"The NIF will NEVER be shut down...."

That's downright depressing.

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