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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Democratic senator challenges energy chief on Yucca Mountain

Anonymously contributed:

Democratic senator challenges energy chief on Yucca Mountain decision Washington senator vents to DOE chief

Is Dr. Chu just another politician?

At a Senate hearing, Chu got his latest earful from Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. She demanded to know "who was consulted in making the decision that Yucca Mountain was not viable.

You say that Yucca Mountain is not a workable option, but what seems to be missing is why," she told Chu, asking him repeatedly what science was used to back up the Obama administration's decision to end plans for the underground waste repository.

Murray said billions of dollars have been spent at the Hanford nuclear reservation in her state to clean up and begin packaging liquid nuclear waste for eventual disposal at the proposed Yucca site, but no consideration was given to residents there and other places where highly radioactive waste awaits removal.
"This is really disturbing to me," Murray said. "This leaves everybody just in complete limbo after 30 years of working on this.


Anonymous said...

Senators are known to act surprised and outraged! They take little action!

Anonymous said...

So much for science.

Anonymous said...

After 30 wasted years by the DOE building and then endlessly testing Yucca Mountain, it's now time to find another site in the US so that DOE can continue wasting countless more billions in taxpayers' money.

Dr. Chu has not turned out to be the visionary leader for the DOE that many had hoped for. He has no spine.

Anonymous said...

Attempted cover for the administration's caving into Senator Reid of Nevada.

Anonymous said...

Like many others I worked on the Yucca Mountain project and after spending billions of dollars we know:

How to drill a tunnel through a mountain
That it takes a long time to heat up and cool down
That when it heats up, the water is driven back from the hot vessels and when it cools down the water containing various mineral returns
That expensive high nickel alloy work better than copper or steel alloys
That the containers should stay intact for a long time
That very little, if any, radiation would be released into the ground for thousands of years
That we could have modeled these results with a couple of geologist and metallurgist over a long dinner
That we cannot model political decision because they are not based on science but on self serving motives
That officially this project is the biggest fleecing of the American taxpayer and for the most part it was run by corporations under the direction of the federal government.
That government projects or facilities managed by corporations are not productive, efficient, or cost effective, but that some fill their coffers with the tax payer’s money

Anonymous said...

That we cannot model political decision because they are not based on science but on self serving motives


It's why America is on a rapid slide to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

America is falling apart at an alarming rate, even though the news media seems to have not a clue. Prepare for the worst as best you can. The smell of revolution may soon permeate the air.

Anonymous said...

Prepare for the worst as best you can. The smell of revolution may soon permeate the air.

March 14, 2010 4:05 PM

Won't happen. Because the US has a standing army to put down such things. Something many of the Founding Fathers preached against. At the first whisper of revolution, Posse Comitatus (1878) will be repealed by Democrats. Marines will be fighting 50-year old "revolutionaries" in the streets. Guess who wins?


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