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Friday, March 8, 2013

Horse of a Different Color

Horse of a Different Color

The management company should tread gently with this “pseudo furlough” concept. This may come back to haunt them.

Employees are not being furloughed, drop the language.

Employees are to be subjected to a de facto “administrative leave without pay” action (LWOP). Specifically, one day LWOP each pay period (on that payday). That is their legal status. Legal parameters of LWOP and other types of "time off" are very different.

It would be prudent for management to expressly forbid affected employees from working in any way shape or form on LWOP days.

Facilities and employees are different things. The facility may revert to “weekend like” operational status during LWOP days, but not the employees.

It is inappropriate to plan work or call in any engineers, scientists, technicians, trade crafts, or any affected employees during LWOP days. If certain people are needed during this time, than don’t place them on LWOP.

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