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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Any rumors?

So, about 60 days to the end of the fiscal year, when can we expect the first RIF rumors?


Anonymous said...

With sequestration looking like it will continue all during fiscal 2014, we can expect to see another voluntary retirement incentive by the end of this calendar year or shortly into the next calendar year.

More reductions in the work force will be necessary at all of the NNSA labs to meet these shrinking budgets.

Anonymous said...

Look for a 10% -15% cut in Site Support funding for next FY.

Anonymous said...

The 15% figure sounds about right if sequestration continues throughout fiscal 2014, which it looks like it will.

As the layoffs occur, both parties will point fingers at each other and deny any responsibility. That ability to deflect responsibility for the massive cuts is what makes sequestration so popular with both sides of Congress.

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