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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It is now April 2014 and the TA-55 'it's-not-just-fence' project is close, really close, really really close, to being complete. This project at LANL has taken missing deadlines to a new level, even by NNSA standards.‘it’s-not-just-fence

By The Staff
Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 8:00 pm (Updated: March 29, 8:00 pm)
It’s really close.
That was the assessment of Los Alamos National Laboratory director Charlie McMillan when he talked about the Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrade Project at Technical Area 55.

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Anonymous said...

In light of the progress that has been made on this project, maybe Neille Miller was on to something when she extended the contract in 2012. You can read the article below, from more than one year ago, and now have a different appreciation for what "moving aggressively" might mean to her.

By John Severance
Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 9:00 pm (Updated: January 15, 10:37 am)

That LANS letter was written by DOE Senior Procurement Executive Joseph Waddell to lab director Charlie McMillan, dated on Dec. 7. The letter stated that Los Alamos National Security had been granted a waiver for the FY-12 NNSA fee by the Fee Determining Official (Miller).

According to the letter, LANS met two of the three criteria but earned less than 80 percent overall at-risk fees.

Waddell’s letter stated that the “NNSA Fee Determining Official has nevertheless expressed a desire to award LANS the award in recognition of LANS’ acceptance of full responsibility and accountability for problems that have arisen under the Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Security Upgrades Phase II Project and for moving aggressively to correct the issues.

“In order to facilitate the FDO’s wishes, I hereby provide a one-time waiver to the restrictions of clause H-13 so that the clause remains operable and the award term remains available for the FDO to grant for the FY-12 performance evaluation notwithstanding LANS is being awarded $31,624,479 (or 68 percent) of overall at-risk fee.”

NNSA spokesperson Josh McConaha said, “we’ll let the text of the document stand as explanation.”

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