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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

more nonsense from Sandia

Uh oh...more nonsense from Sandia:


Anonymous said...

More nonsense from this blog and blog owner who can't bother to read the follow up posts and link about this topic which were in the New Topic post.

This is work being done by a private company founded by former Sandians who licensed technology which had been developed at Sandia to create an instrument that would allow first responders to rapidly detect toxins, radiation or other biological agents in emergency situations.

Still waiting for something useful to license out of LLNL.

Anonymous said...

Quantalife spun out from LLNL. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

"Still waiting for something useful to license out of LLNL."

Two recently-discussed examples:

Dyna3D was spun off from LLNL's code development, and is now the defacto standard for high-deformation analysis in the auto industry.

Laser peening was also spun off from LLNL, and is now used to strengthen the blades of most turbines, especially jet engines for passenger planes.

You can look both of these up easily.

Anonymous said...

Better be careful or there will be a 'more nonsense from LLNL' post about Quantalife, Dyna3D, and laser peening.

But in truth, good job to any of the labs when there is something worthwhile to spin off into the private sector!

Anonymous said...

Sandia is just trying to catch up with the utter nonsense that LLNL spews, like LIFE and just about everything else that came out of Ed Moses' mouth.

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