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Monday, May 26, 2014

All Hands Highlights

1) There is a goose family onsite with 4 goslings - mother goose perched on a turnstile to B111 and a protective order placed by the director was needed to enable her brood to successfully hatch
2) Our new director was invited to testify to a subcommittee - photo of him by himself at a table (no details on why or what for or why we should be impressed)
3) We should all accept Ergonomics Evaluations
4) The new West Cafe - which resembles a 7-11 convenience store but with $15 pre-made sushi boxes is a resounding success (NOT) - no salad bar, way less selection
5) We need to take note of water conservation efforts at the lab (a few photos of the NIF landscaping rocks and plants) - please be proud if you see brown lawns
6) Please be aware of slips, trips and falls, and by the way, a few photos where some infrastructure was repaired and might reduce hazards!
7) Lots of highly paid managers are leaving (woo hoo!)
8) LVOC is a huge success - not sure what the metrics are on this
9) Did we mention how wonderful the new West cafe is twice yet?
10) Hardly any technical highlights
11) We congratulated people who have left LLNL on their EO Lawrence awards
12) NIF is increasing the number of shots per year
13) Well, that about sums it up, we did manage to sit there watching for 90 minutes...
May 15, 2014 at 6:41 PM
Anonymous thief said...
13) Well, that about sums it up, we did manage to sit there watching for 90 minutes...

Nope....missed it all. Any mention of RIF or VSIP?


Anonymous said...

Get real. No need for a RIF or VSIP. People are fleeing all on their own accord. Success!

Anonymous said...

At least the EO Lawrence winners at Los Alamos are sure to stay there.

Anonymous said...

"... Lots of highly paid managers are leaving..."

Anyone mentioned by name?

Anonymous said...

Shocked, Bill (a good man) didn't mention the guacamole shortage article sourced to LLNL in the June 2014 issue of Playboy magazine. (page 38) Here is what it said "Increasing temperatures across the southwest in the next 36 years caused by global warming will cause a 40% drop in avocado crops creating a potential guacamole shortage according to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory".

I'm scared to death of not having enough guacamole for my Superbowl parties in the years to come.

REALLY, is this how far LLNL has Fallen?...Pitiful....

If this is not true, LLNL needs to call Hef and tell him to stand down and immediately send the amazing June 2014 centerfold Jessica Ashley to LLNL for a Pole dance demonstration in the West 7-11 cafeteria and we can get Diane Feinstein's buddy Jeff "skunk" Baxter to play guitar, to spruce things up a bit and generate some sales...

God I love America.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"... Lots of highly paid managers are leaving..."

Anyone mentioned by name?

May 27, 2014 at 3:27 PM

LLNL managers leaving. That's a joke. To where can they go and get equivalent salary, with no responsibilities beyond walkthroughs and making sure subordinates take ladder training.

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