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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dysfunction complex

Bob Alvarez looks at decades of dysfunction at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Facility. From insane levels of mercury contamination to an airplane drop of revenge-porn over the facility, Y-12 truly seems the poster child for dysfunction. It' interesting read!

Y-12: Poster Child for a Dysfunctional Nuclear Weapons Complex:

Janice Sinclaire
Internet Outreach Coordinator


Anonymous said...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda.............What the hell did Alverez do to correct these dysfunctions when he was on the job and had responsibility to do something about them? Answer: ZIP
This article must be a soul cleansing for him.

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit, Y-12 does have the best screw-up stories. 89-year-old nuns breaking through security and ex-boyfriend air-dropping revenge-porn on the site. Those are hard to beat.

Exploding kitty litter just doesn't compare! LANL has to try even harder!

Anonymous said...

What a crappy article. Lots of whining and confusion of issues, time and place. No answers.

Rather it is a compilation of everything that has ever been wrong. The author is about as hapless as Milne's Winnie the Pooh character, Eeyore, "oh my". (pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic)

This is typical Hazel O'Leary era work, useless. This piece has the feel of a tired, depressed perspective, clouding the story.

Sit down ol' fella. As it ever was, here, now and in previous societies, when the need rises sufficiently compared to other (often foolish) higher priorities, the country will devote the necessary resources to fix urgent problems. Until then it will remain in delay, and the aging facilities will be worried over by people like you.

Meanwhile, the stockpile is ready should it be needed.

Anonymous said...

Pantex makes Y-12 looks like a fine-tuned machine.

Anonymous said...

The breach of Y-12's "high risk" security perimeter by an 89 year old nun along with some old men with nothing but wire cutters was inexcusable.

Even when they reached the high security building to put up their graffiti, these intruders eventually found that they had to go looking for a guard to let Y-12 know they had arrived. It boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, the stockpile is ready should it be needed." (7:09 AM)

I wouldn't be so fired-up and cock-sure about that statement.

Anonymous said...

Well at least he has a Ph.D.

Three Vice Presidents of technical divisions at Sandia National Laboratories do not have a Ph.D.: Hruby, Walker, Vahle.

Adam Rowen a manager at Sandia Livermore does not have a Ph.D. either.

The previous 3 individuals are the first ever Vice Presidents without a Ph.D. in Science or Engineering to lead technical divisions at Sandia. A quick search on the internet shows that Adam Rowen went to a school in New Mexico.


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