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Saturday, August 16, 2014

HEAF corrective actions

Has HEAF completed their pledged "corrective actions" to all concerns identified in the September 2013 DOE IG report?
Anonymous said...
Why do you care? Are you going to get brownie points for telling if they didn't?
Anonymous said...
The "why do you care" topic gatekeeper is making the rounds to earn corporate loyalty brownie points and thats OK. What ever floats their boat.
Anonymous said...
"...Why do you care?..."

According to the DOE IG Report on HEAF, LLNS Management "generally agreed with the report's findings and recommendations". Therefore it is reasonable for an employee of LLNS, a taxpayer, or just a lab neighbor to inquire about LLNS corrective measures. None of whom by the way, require your approval to care. I'm sorry this doesn't meet your expectations. 


Anonymous said...

Quoting the report:

"While our review did not identify any incidents involving loss, misuse, or theft of explosive

"In addition, while we did not identify any previous safety issues, ..."

The inspection did find things that could stand to be improved, and management concurred with that.

Anonymous said...

Concurred with was a given in the IG report. The corrective actions taken was the topic question .


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