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Monday, November 10, 2014

Omar Hurricane

Now you can pay $32 to see the great Omar Hurricane take credit for producing 1% of the predicted yield on NIF.


Anonymous said...

Well to be fair, that includes dinner. By the way it is interesting that Omar's name does not appear on NIF org charts, and he was not named the ICF program leader when ICF moved to WCI.

Anonymous said...

To be fairer, Omar was probably in graduate school when the leadership of that era made its predictions of NIF yield.

Anonymous said...

To be the fairest, it was Scotty on Star Trek. And he does not have a PHD. Movie and popcorn, kinda like the guards on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Scotty doesn't have a PhD? Get out of here. He's too good not to have a PhD. I always assumed that after the academy he went to Caltech or MIT. Everyone knows you can't operate a starship without smart people with PhD's.

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