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Thursday, February 4, 2016

POGO calling for another LANL congressional investigation

When this happened before under UC, there were years of hearings and bad press. Maybe there will be fewer this time around.


Anonymous said...

There will never be another investigation, it is done and over. The only point of bringing this up now is because some of these clowns ran out of money. It is over you played you cards got what deal you could cheat out of the system and that is it. Why go through this again? There was never a Mustang, there was never a cultural of theft, there was no cover up, there was only some sad pathetic people trying to get money for free and live off the Wen Ho Lee case that was blown out of proportion. History has spoken you lost your souls, Los Alamos lost, the American people lost, and you got 30 pieces of silver. You got what you wanted in the mortal life, it is time to pay, enter the gates....Charon awaits!

Anonymous said...

This story just got a new set of wheels when Marquez resigned. Some may even claim that he resigned so that he could not be compelled to testify before Congress as an employee of LANL. It would not be surprising to learn that he walked out with several years of salary as severance pay.

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