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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lab cell phones

Did I miss something? I see more and more people using their lab issued phones as personal phones. I was under the impression that these phones are for business purposes only and personal use was limited to incidental use. 

I would assume these phones are capable of being monitored and it would be easy to when and where these phones are being used. 

Seems like a waste of tax payer money to supply these phones for business purposes only to have them being used for personal purposes


Anonymous said...

Other sites are flipping this around and offering stipends to employees to use their personal phones instead of issuing government phones. The difference is no sensitive info allowed. But why would you want to has sensitive info on a mobile device anyways.

Anonymous said...

I would assume these phones are capable of being monitored and it would be easy to when and where these phones are being used.

Good grief, another half witted "save the taxpayer" comment. By the time you pay the persons who check that the cell phone rules have been followed, you spent a lot more.
Kind of: pay a dollar to save a nickel. This is exactly the reason, why our overhead is so huge. We are constantly hiring people to monitor everyone else. Welcome to the USSR. 3 minders for one worker.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 7:27

Anonymous said...

This brought back a memory when I was a lab manager and had to "certify" each month that the phone bill for 30 employes was comprised of calls for official business only and did mot contain any personal calls. So every month I would gather the employees for a monthly meeting to cover various topics and at the end would ask "did anyone have any personal calls last month" and nary a hand was raised. So that was my solution in lieu of reviewing a couple hundred pages of phone calls to ferret out personal calls.

: )

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