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Friday, November 24, 2017

LLNL SHRM AD opening

Who are the front runners for the LLNL SHRM AD opening?


Anonymous said...

Rene as acting AD has the inside track. I believe that a senior HR VP from a UC campus or UCOP may also be on the short list. After the first LLNS appoint SHRM AD was a complete and total disaster - while being an Astronaut is very impressive, it does't qualify you to run an HR Department (even if you try remaining it to a very derogatory title of "Human Capital" organization... what are employees cattle?).

Art pulled LLNS out of an HR disaster, having a qualified and well respected HR professional running the HR organization seems like a no-brainer and easy lift for UCOP and B111.

Anonymous said...

After the transition to LLNS in 2007, a steady erosion of employee value and employee benefits occurred where now employees are treated like "cattle" or replacable commodities. Did SHRM under the leadership of Art Wong, push back on that trend or help implement it?

Anonymous said...

Art helped implement it. There is no "pushing back" in the LLNS world, you will promptly be re-assigned to obscurity, lies and humiliation until you retire or quit, a very well managed quietly implemented hostile environment..

That's the Bechtel way, all managers and smart employees know it. LLNL has turned into an oppressive regime where there is no longer any value in your opinion or
your efforts, unless you kiss the right ass and tow the line. To bad a once great institution with a dynamic brain trust has been destroyed in a short 10 years. Keep making those 3D propellers and thinga majigs...They are important to the national defense and provide baby sitting toys for inept college graduates. Well DONE!

Anonymous said...

The unholy work of Russo and Soderstrom under the protection of foolosh Bruce Warner lead the perversion of HR from an employee support organization to a organization attack dog under LLNS. Anastasio and Miller napped on this and missed the culture shift.

LLNS would be better off if HR disbanded and the matrix organizations each designed their own tailored, smaller programs.

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