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Sunday, November 5, 2017

NNSA wants to increase explosions

NNSA wants to increase explosions for Site 300 from 100 pounds per day to 1,000 pounds per day

The Proposed Action is to increase the weight of explosives used at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Experimental Test Site (Site 300) Building 851 Firing Table up to 1,000 lbs./day to 7,500 lbs./year. The explosives weight is the actual mass, in pounds, of explosive mixtures or compounds for an experiment. Currently, research and development activities at LLNL’s Site 300 Building 851 involve detonation of explosives up to 100 lbs./day up to 7,500 lbs./yr.


Anonymous said...

Go up to 10,000 lbs./year. That would give researchers 10 shots each at the daily limit of 1000 lbs., over a 1 year period.

What was the logic originally for limiting the daily limit to 100 lbs. and yearly limit to 7,500 lbs. ???

Was it a noise or safety issue ?

Freaking out the motorcycle racers at Carnegie park is not such a big deal. They're all deaf anyway ! LOL

Anonymous said...

So much for this 1997 Vision and Pledge:

"...SOMETIME in 2000, far fewer loud "BOOMS" will resonate from Site 300, the Laboratory's explosives test complex. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's new Contained Firing Facility (CFF) will begin operation that year to provide indoor testing of high explosives, and most open-air experiments at Site 300 will be discontinued..."

"...CFF will drastically reduce emissions to the environment and minimize the generation of hazardous waste, noise, and blast pressures. Although emissions from open-air testing at Site 300 are well within current environmental standards, the CFF is an "insurance policy" that will allow continued high-explosives testing should environmental requirements change. Future residential development in an area less than a mile away will also benefit from the facility's environmental precautions..."

Anonymous said...

U dont git it. CFF=CONTAINED firing facility = NO BOOM!

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