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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Post award rumour

Word leaking out of DC late today is that there may be as many as three different protests to the LANL award decision. Some may be based on the qualifications of the key personnel, so this could take awhile to settle out.


Anonymous said...

If this is as solid as all of the quality intel in the run up to the decision that appeared on this blog, everyone buckle your seatbelts. 🙄

Anonymous said...

Well, word leaking out of DC was that Purdue won the bid, and that Bechtel won the bid.

Now you’re telling us that word leaking out of DC is...obvious speculation about protests to the award.

Are you a troll? If so...we’ll, you can guess what I’m thinking.

If not, then please substantiate your post (who said it? what position do they have to suggest it is anything more than their own speculation or wishful thinking? etc.)

Honestly, add some value or STFU.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt this, I heard that they waited so long just to make sure that there would be no protests. I could believe Bechtel would put one in as a shakedown. Even if one is put in it seems unlikely that it would work, the NTS was a bit special in what happened.

The "tell" that the rumor is bs is that the post says one of the points of the protest says the personal on the winning team are not credible. First of that does not even sound like a criteria for protest from another team, the other is that the team is indeed credible.

Anonymous said...

Some more evidence that this rumor is bogus.

"Word leaking out of DC late today is that" Word would not leak out of DC, it would leak out of local team members at LANL, not DC. I would guess this rumor is made up or is posted by someone who has an agenda.

Anonymous said...

"As many as three". How many bidders were there? Four? One won and the other 3 are protesting? Not credible. Phony rumor. Dishonest OP.

Anonymous said...

There’s no value to this blog rumor-wise. The rumors had more of an impact in the Parney, Moses, Diaz de la Rubia days.

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