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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taxability issue

The LA county greed knows no bounds

The quotes in this show why the state tax status matters and the US taxpayers should not be footing the bill for such items.


Anonymous said...

So lets see, the county is using GRT money to fly a bunch of greedy clowns to DC to keep the GRT money flowing? Ok do you need any more proof on how the GRT money is totally wasted?

I urge DOE, NNSA and Triad to hold firm to do what is right and moral for the United States. LANL serves the nation not just Los Alamos county and NM. I would even be somewhat sympathetic to the cause of the county but there are so many examples of outrageous waste that it must stop and stop now.

Anonymous said...

Surely, Los Alamos county council should now agree that sitting on the sidelines would have been a better approach. Something like: "We urge the NNSA to select the next lab contractor based on merit alone, in the best interest of the nation. The mission of Los Alamos is all too important to the security of our nation. We look forward to working in close collaboration with the winning bidder."

Anonymous said...

"Surely, Los Alamos county council should now agree that sitting on the sidelines would have been a better approach. "

You don't understand this is the nightmare scenario for the county, it is some kind of disaster so they are in full panic mode. One odd thing is that they had been told at least 3 years ago that they should prepare for this and they simply never believed it to be possible. In fact some of the members even said that there is no way UC was going to win and that the for profit model was going to say. Heck most believed that Bechtel was going to win. The last 12 years have been a disaster for the lab but a boon for free money for the county to waste on all sorts of wacky things. Remember how they spent 500k to consider a new motto for the town only to not use it.

Anonymous said...

LA County is still (as of 7/16 am) waiting for an "official" filing from Triad as to whether they will claim to be a "not-for-profit" or "for-profit" entity. They are frantically looking for things to cut from their budget if the former. Just as if they hadn't had several years to plan for this eventuality. Short-sighted, parochial, small-town politicians with their own little petty ideas and agendas. Big fish in a VERY small pond. But they love it when people come up to them at the local farmers market and beg to shake their hands.

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