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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Obvious discrepancy

August is here and Triad still has not yet named a AD for Simulation & Computation. As pointed out by a poster in another thread, it is unusual how the award could be made consistent with the RFP and not specify each of the key personnel by name. The mystery lingers as to why NNSA would permit this obvious discrepancy.


Anonymous said...

I think they have a person which someone from Oak Ridge, there is some reason it cannot be accounted until it is official. So there is
no "mystery" or strange thing going on.

Anonymous said...

Be patient grasshopper. No org charts have even been approved by NNSA yet.

Anonymous said...

AD's are not necessarily Key Personnel. PAD's are.

Anonymous said...

1. ADs are not key personnel.
2. NNSA does not “approve” org charts.
3. NNSA does not have a final say on non-key personel.
4. The person they planned for this position was no longer available when the contract was awarded. The original pick was a LANL employee, the replacement is not. Hence the delay.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be some confusion on if ADs are key personnel, and most staff are under that impression from Mason's introductions. If they are not, then Mason should make that clear to everyone.

Anonymous said...

"If they are not, then Mason should make that clear to everyone."

Why? Explaining management decisions is not the Battelle way. Get on the boat and row together, or swim. And Battelle shoots swimmers.

Anonymous said...

Battelle may, “shoot swimmers”, as you say. If they do, they won’t operate a world class National Lab for long.

Anonymous said...

"And Battelle shoots swimmers."

Odd, I have interacted with many labs that Battelle runs and they do not "shoot" swimmers, metaphorically or otherwise that I am aware of. I am not saying you are wrong but there is not evidence that they do this and I have interacted with at least one hundred people of more from these labs and they all have good things to say about Battelle. On the other hand I have also had dealings with one other "lab" in which Bechtel was involved in running and many of them said very bad things about Bechtel. At this point your statement just rings hollow and there is simply no reason to believe it.

Anonymous said...

And Battelle shoots swimmers.

August 4, 2018 at 2:34 PM

I get the feeling this is your wanting something or anything to be bad about LANL. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

He is trying to accomplish making himself feel good about being fired by UC many years ago. Any current or future contractor running LANL will get the same treatment from him. One trick pony. O/C Disorder.

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