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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Something doesn't add up

Something doesn't add up in this report of the LANL scandal. He must have had an inside accomplice in order to pull off something of this magnitude.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how this is a "scandal" and it is not clear if there is anyone else involved. It looks like they caught they guy and that is that. Look pal you are obviously fishing for new great thing to attack LANL and UC with but just give it up already.

Anonymous said...

What doesn’t add up is your ridiculous fishing expeditions. Just go back to trolling LANL hating comments on the SF New Mexican rag website.

Anonymous said...

"Just go back to trolling LANL hating comments on the SF New Mexican rag website."

Just from reading the letters in SF New Mexican, the troll also hates the police, New Mexicans, Pete Domenici and God know who else he thinks have somehow wronged in over the many years.

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