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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

So much for Mason's claim

So much for Mason's claim that all employees will work for Triad and not for one of the industrial partners.
Fluor Government Group (FGG) is seeking candidates to support the FGG scope of work at the Los Alamos national Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has a capital project portfolio in excess of $4 billion dollars covering multiple line item projects valued in excess of $50 million each. In addition to the line item projects, there is an annual budget covering small capital projects of approximately $200 million. The Triad National Security Capital Projects organization is responsible for delivery of the facilities in a safe, secure, reliable and cost effective manner. 

The Director for Capital Projects is seeking a Chief Operating Officer (COO-CP) in support of delivering the capital projects. Responsibilities of the Capital Projects team include: 

Reporting to the Associate Laboratory Director, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) provides operational and technical leadership for the integration, capability stewardship and mission execution functions within the Directorates supporting Capital Projects. This position is responsible for the operational success of the Directorates, including partnership with the Division Directors and integration of all resources needed to support Directorate operations. Incumbent provides operational leadership, vision, and advice in support of achieving operational excellence and achieving directorate mission strategy. Emphases include developing and implementing high-value approaches for laboratory operational efficiency and assured excellence, with a focus on safe, compliant, cost effective operations, and development and implementation of robust operational assurance methods. This position has a critical role in the Directorate’s success against a range of metrics including operating costs, strategic hiring, customer satisfaction, and performance metrics.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are reading a bit much into this.

Anonymous said...

The ad is for a deputy ALD at LANL and it is not from Triad it is from Fluor. That doesn't have a lot a lot of room for Mason to wiggle out from the words. Going to have to agree with some other thread that credibility is being lost before the transition is complete.

Anonymous said...

There were many problems with how Bechtel operated at LANL, but one of the worst was that Bechtel ADs hired Bechtel DADs, who then hired Bechtel DLs, and so on down the line. Mason claimed that Triad was breaking this practice and broadly searching to hire the best team, and he additionally claimed that there were not specific spots reserved or allocated to industrial players.

Now it comes out that a Fluor AD is hiring a Fluor DAD. Maybe the only real differences in LANS and Triad is a name change and the same bad practices will just continue under a different name.

The below is from the official Triad website under the heading of leadership team:

Associate Laboratory Director, Capital Projects

Kathye Segala will serve as Associate Laboratory Director, Capital Projects for Los Alamos National Laboratory once Triad assumes responsibility for the laboratory. In this role, Kathye will lead the planning, coordination and execution of capital projects for LANL. Kathye brings more than 30 years of experience planning, managing and executing capital projects for government and private industry, including 17 years with Fluor Federal Services

Anonymous said...

Triad didn't waste any time opening, closing, and hiring Segala for this job. Clearly "wired" for her.

Anonymous said...

Many of the Bechtel flunkies have left, although some are remaining after Bechtel came in and only offered new positions elsewhere to the best and brightest. Organizationally, the problem areas under LANS, which were construction projects and TA55 appear to be under the corporate entities of Triad. Those of us under the management of these corporate entities (formerly UC employees, soon to be former LANS employees but ALWAYS LANL employees) will see who we actually work for when the offer letters come out. We are told Triad.

Many people are holding their breaths about what will happen over the next few months. Certainly optimism is low as the Triad folks open their mouths. Their greatest fear is that the floodgates will soon open up and years of experience will be heading out the door. They claim that they know in great detail the problems at LANL. Many of us are not so sure.

Anonymous said...

If the chicken littles had read Triad's website, you would already know that Triad includes 5 "integrated subcontractors" of which Fluor is one. Each one has key areas they will work in.

Amazing how LANL people get frothed over discovering again what they had already been told.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good ol' friends and family at work. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Each one has key areas they will work in.

August 31, 2018 at 5:14 AM

That is not what Mason said at his meeting with LANL employees. It is easy to see why "LANL people" are "frothed" (whatever that means), since many of them are scientists and place a very high regard on facts. Most of those scientists gave Mason the benefit of telling the truth to employees, and when facts emerge that differ, then it becomes an issue of credibility lost.

Anonymous said...

LANL staff are many things, but they have a pretty good ability to find and latch on to leadership statements that are flat out wrong. McMillan had no credibility with the staff before he became Director, largely because he could not overcome his failings in previous roles. Yet, he claimed in one of his first interviews that he was the only person in the country that was capable of being LANL Director.

Mason said Triad would be different from LANS, and in some ways it may be true. However, 5:48 AM is correct that Triad has already shown itself to behave just like a LANS clone in one of the worst aspects of hiring people to work for a corporate member and not for Triad. Mason was clear, and specific, that all staff would work for Triad and not a corporate member. The OP found evidence showing that not to be true.

Yes, Mason has lost some credibility with LANL staff.

Anonymous said...

Mason seems like a nice enough fellow. His background is very academic in nature, particle physics? Accelerators? . I’m not sure that’s a good fit for LANL. He admitted at an all-hands that he had no formal management training. That’s when I spit out my coffee from laughter. Somebody above said TA-55 is a problem. I’ve heard TRIAD is here to change the culture by inserting an ex-DNFSB and military guy to lead the TA-55 change! Just like LANS tried. It’s not a people problem, it’s a management problem. Learn to embrace the culture, build trust and worker rapport. Walk the floor, talk to people. Actually understand how work gets done along with worker’s frustrations and barriers. If You don’t understand how to do the work, then you can’t effectively manage and will be unsuccessful, just like your predecessor, who only showed up when it time was for a high Level tour then left.. Otherwise, your just another external manager with no credibility. Be prepared to get chewed up and spit out by the culture.

Anonymous said...

"That is not what Mason said at his meeting with LANL employees."

Please post the transcript or video of the talk. Or is this selective outrage and revisionist history?

Anonymous said...

@5:17 PM
Just admit that you are not a LANL employee, or it would be easy to do this on your own. Those that were present know what was said in the meeting. If Mason needs to correct the record by admitting he made an incorrect statement about all Lab employees working for Triad and not just some for Triad and some for corporate employers, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

The real problems at LANL are the people that really don't care about nuclear safety, quality, and others in general and they exist across the lab.

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