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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Los Alamos County possibly tried to hide misspending

Time after time, it is the coverup that brings down organizations and not the original crime. The individuals throughout the LA county offices that went back and falsified and changed records after the fact should be held accountable. They acted in order to cover up the crime of waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer money and if this is all correct, they should be prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused by this. I understand that the coalition misused money but what did this have to do with Los Alamos county?
In any case the DOE needs to stand strong in terms of making trade not pay taxes. It is not a business and any additional tax money will be utterly wasted it will not serve the DOE or the United States.

Anonymous said...

LANL paid GRT to state of NM, a large fraction of that went to LA county and then the county hired the coalition to help lobby Congress for additional years of LANL GRT. The coalition lavishly spent on items such as alcohol and sports tickets, including for DOE employees. When the independent auditors started looking into the misdeeds of the coalition, they uncovered numerous instances where the county had falsified records after the fact in order to hide how the GRT money was spent.

That is what the investigation alleges, however the individuals involved only want to be blamed for a cascade of mistakes and not any fraudulent or criminal activity.

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