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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Anonymous said:

The screw tightens...

With 17 years, 7 months service at the time of the May lay-offs, I was expecting severance payments over 9 pay periods (17 years plus the extra week's pay for "a fractional year of fulltime equivalent service of 6 months or more" [this quote pulled directly from HR policy at the time of the layoff]. Imagine my surprise when I didn't receive the final check! Payroll apparently took my entire severance payment and divided by 8, not 9. And HR stated that "the 6 month calculation for the additional week's pay was by CALENDAR year not continuous service." Therefore, NONE OF THE TERMINATED EMPLOYEES received that 'bonus' week's pay because termination date was June 20 (we didn't quality until June 30). HR stated that "they tried to clarify this in the All-Hands meetings prior to VSSOP and layoffs." BULL! LLNS did it to save themselves thousands of dollars and once again turn the screw in the backs of loyal, dedicated workers. Contact your attorneys, folks. This is just wrong!


Anonymous said...

Sounds typically LLNS. Sloppy and poorly managed, with the outcome screwing the employee.

The fact that they viloated a stated policy that they didn't change by due process seems like bullying.

Sue 'em. The courts are there to enforce agreements.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys? Not worth the fight. Take your money and be happy with what you got.

Anonymous said...

November 2, 2008 11:12 PM
"Attorneys? Not worth the fight. Take your money and be happy with what you got."

"And when they came for me no one was left to speak up"
Martin Niemöller

Anonymous said...

If LLNS treated people fairly, we would not need lawyers. I say speak up and hold your ground and get a lawyer if you feel you need it.

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as an implicit contract in matters like this. LLNS clearly violated that implicit contract and is vulnerable to legal action.

Based on conversing with someone familiar with labor law and retired member of the Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Anonymous said...

LLNS are liars. Enough.
Down with LLNS

Anonymous said...

Losers! Stay and wallow in the mud hole.


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