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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seeking retiree's support!

By Mr Requa:
It is certainly immoral and almost certainly illegal for UC to transfer liability for LLNL retiree medical benefits to LLNS. Those of us affected are having our benefits cut now and probably eliminated in the near future. UC's web site promises us that if we were receiving medical benefits immediately before retiring, we would continue to receive those benefits after retiring. In my case, they provided my medical coverage for 7 years, then suddenly declared they were no longer responsible for coverage and told me a Limited Liability Company would be providing my coverage. Being one of those retirees who is not eligible for Medicare, loosing my medical coverage would be catastrophic.

Like most of these situations, it is complex enough that a short letter can't cover all the facts. I have set up a web site at: which explains the situation. I am seeking support from other retirees to help address the issue.

Our most critical need is to find a law firm to help us. So far, I have been unable to find one which will evaluate the merits of our case. I have been advised by two law firms that immediate action is necessary in order to protect our legal options. If you, your lawyers, or any of your members can recommend an appropriate firm please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Try a search on the legal services page of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (an AFL-CIO Union)

Anonymous said...

it isn't illegal. Don't waste your time hiring an attorney (probably won't find one to take the case anyway)

Anonymous said...

In today's all hands meeting George Miller briefly addressed the issue of medical for the retired Livermore folks. The retirement program was UC, the medical was the Lab's issue, and whomever ran the lab handled the medical. When the lab went to LLNS, so did the medical.

Mr. Requa's case does point out that for many who worked their entire adult life for the lab and started before 1977 they have no Social Security / Medicare benefits accrued with the lab.

Is what the lab is doing illegal? Probably not.

What was telling in the all hands was George stating that UC declined twice the request to handle the Lab retirees medical.

I guess we were considered hired hands by UC, we were never really UC employees.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that employees at LLNL seem to think that UC "won" the contract through the selection of LLNS. The LLC has very little left of UC in it.

You actually work for Bechtel, a sleazy construction firm. Only, you don't really work for them directly, so you only get sloppy seconds after the needs are met of the real Bechtel workers and managers.

Get use to it. You've fallen farther than you can ever imagine. LLNL workers were sold out by NNSA and UCOP during their for-profit privatization effort at LLNL.

Anonymous said...

It is probably illegal because it discriminates against all retirees not covered by Kaiser Permanente. The retirees who are currently enrolled in Kaiser get to keep their benefits through LLNS. In addition, retirees not enrolled in Kaiser are not allowed to enroll on their own without losing the Health Savings Account. Extend Health stated Kaiser was not willing to be a part of the change "at this time".

Anonymous said...

DOE demanded LLNL retiree money back from UC saying it was over funded. One of the original DOE plans was to send the UC money to an outside contractor such as Lockheed, without the employees. I believe that was the first stone.

Anonymous said...

The only ones coming out ahead are the lawyers. They will tell you what you want to hear until the money dries up. The cost benefit of this exercise doesn't' fly. My advice.....enjoy your retirement and move on.


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