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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Question about Retiree Medical

More on Retiree Medical from an anonymous contributor:

At the transition, LLNS said that retirees that took the Lump Sum Cashout from UCRP would be eligible for access only coverage, which meant that they would get the same rates as employees ( or other retirees), but would have to pay the full amount. Is this still true? Does anyone who reads this blog know of anyone who has tried this? Is this affected by the new retiree benefits plan? What are the rates? I know, lots of questions. Any info would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Probably not the most informative and it appears to contradict what you seem to have heard, but here is part of what the LANL Benefits site has on TCP2 Retiree Medical (switchover was 6/1/06):

---Minimum Eligibility Requirements
Subsidized Retiree Medical (substantially equivalent to UC retiree medical benefit; identical to TCP1 Retiree Medical)

If you are receiving a UC annuity, and transitioned on June 1, 2006 as a LANS TCP2 employee:

Age 50
10 years of service as of June 1, 2006
Subject to Graduated Eligibility

---Access Only Medical (employee pays 100% premium, employee & employer portions)

If you are TCP2 Active Employee who took the lump sum cash out from UC, you are ineligible for Access Only Medical benefits.

If you are a LANS New Hire after June 1, 2006:

Age 50
10 Years of Service (LANS service only)


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