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Saturday, November 1, 2008

How about dental care benefits?

Anonymous contribution:

Dental Benefits Changed Without Mention

While looking closely at the medical packages, I also noticed that the name of the dental plan had changed from Delta Dental and the HMO variant to Delta DPO and the HMO variant. [sarcasm on] Trusting that there would not be any significant change without notice in the package, [sarcasm off] I asked my dentist which of the two packages they took. Imagine my surprise when my Dentist told me "neither" -- our current Delta Dental benefit is now Delta Premier, and we don't have that option anymore after the end of the year.

So now I have to change dentists to stay in the insurance network. Annoying, but at least I found out about it before the end of open enrollment. And, of course, the number of dentists in my area who take the "middle" and "low" end Delta insurance options is vanishingly small.

You'd think there'd at least be some notice in the package. Yet another case of failure to communicate effectively and openly with the staff.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the same applies to vision?

Anonymous said...

HR insists there were no changes to
the dental plan this year. The benefits plan summary is entitled Dental Dental PPO
and is dated October 1, 2007. Could
the change have happened with the
transition instead of this year?

Anonymous said...

"HR insists there were no changes to
the dental plan this year."

Then why is the name different this year in LAPIS? It says Delta is the old plan and Delta "DPO" is the new option.

Anonymous said...

The Dental plan is different this year. It will be Delta DPO (PPO) and not Delta Premier. Pays for one x-ray every 5 years, not every 2 and we all have a higher out of pocket expense, unless you switch to a Delta PPO dentist. Seems really underhanded that HR isn't being upfront about the change. The cost to us from our paycheck hasn't changed, so maybe that's why they say there are no changes. If you have kids, this unacknowledged change is going to cost big!

Anonymous said...

Down with LLNS.

Anonymous said...

I confirmed with my dentist. Yes, there is no change in benefits, however, the change is what amount the PPO will pay your dentist. We now have Delta Dental Premier (which they have never stated). Delta Dental has now added "PPO" and we will be paying the difference between what is charged and what is paid. Another hidden lie to all employees.

Anonymous said...

Delta Dental PPO's are few in tri-valley area.

Anonymous said...

Strategic Human Crapital.

Anonymous said...

Checked our current coverage by
calling Delta Dental (888-335-8227)
and was told it is currently PPO,
not Premier.


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