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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tri-Lab Directors' Statement on the Nuclear Posture Review

Anonymous said...

Joint Statement from Los Alamos Director Michael Anastasio, Lawrence Livermore Director George Miller, and Sandia Director Tom Hunter

Los Alamos, New Mexico, April 9, 2010—The directors of the three Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratories—Dr. George Miller from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. Michael Anastasio from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Dr. Tom Hunter from Sandia National Laboratories—today issued the following statement on the Nuclear Posture Review:

“A key responsibility of the three Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratories—Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories—is to provide technical underpinnings that ensure the safety, security, and effectiveness of the United States’ nuclear deterrent. The recently released Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) provides the Administration’s policy framework and path forward for ensuring that ‘the nation's nuclear weapons remain safe, secure and effective.’

“We believe that the approach outlined in the NPR, which excludes further nuclear testing and includes the consideration of the full range of life extension options (refurbishment of existing warheads, reuse of nuclear components from different warheads and replacement of nuclear components based on previously tested designs), provides the necessary technical flexibility to manage the nuclear stockpile into the future with an acceptable level of risk. We are reassured that a key component of the NPR is the recognition of the importance of supporting ‘a modern physical infrastructure —comprised of the national security laboratories and a complex of supporting facilities—and a highly capable workforce with the specialized skills needed to sustain the nuclear deterrent.’”

News Release

April 10, 2010 8:54 AM


Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention the most important part for the three NNSA lab "for-profit" LLCs -- the need to immediately double the salaries of all three lab Directors ASAP!

Perhaps that was hidden in the addendum.

Anonymous said...

The Lab Directors only publish and state what is politically acceptable and correct. God forbid they would ever "man up" a requirement for a nuclear test. Fact is, while we have a handful of designers left, there's only one problem, there is no capability left to field it. All the people in J-Division at LANL are either dead, in old folks homes, or forced into crappy facility jobs by LANS to meet PBIs. No one had the wisdom to maintain that capability, but no worry, we'll just perform a three-dimensional calculation, put on our 3-D glasses, and show pretty movies to our DoD customers and senators. Everybody is fat, dumb, and happy.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, 3:50, the truth really hurts!

Yes, everybody -- including the Congress, the media, the NNSA and the LANS/LLNS "management" teams -- are all fat, dumb and happy. The frequent issuance of glowing press releases by NNSA and the for-profit LLCs serve to cover up the dry rot.

Since no one will probably ever bother to get to the truth of the ugly situation regarding our weapon lab capabilities, it's a moot point... at least for now.

The saddest part of this continuing decline? Well, I suspect that Pakistan, India, North Korea or even Iran could likely pull off a more credible nuke test on short notice than today's US-of-A.


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