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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Y-12 guards given answer sheets for inspection security tests!

Anonymously contributed: ==================================================================== Y-12 guards given answer sheets for inspection security tests! =================================================================== The debacle is going from bad to worse as the days go by. When will it hit bottom? The following is from Frank Munger's news site on Oak Ridge: 'The U.S. Department of Energy tonight confirmed that inspectors from DOE's Office of Health, Safety and Security -- at Y-12 last week to conduct a major top-to-bottom security review -- found copies of security quizzes and answers and other inspection-related materials in one of the plant's patrol cars. There were indications that the sensitive papers, which had been sent to Oak Ridge in advance by encrypted email to make sure they were valid for testing, had been copied and apparently were being distributed to help guards pass the critical reviews that involve basic security knowledge, proper use of weapons, gas masks, understanding of post duties, etc.'


Anonymous said...

This entire episode pulls at the bounds of believability.

When the Air Force had security lapses a few years ago, Gates fired a couple dozen responsible leaders, including ten general officers, and the top two Air Force leaders. Chu has yet to dismiss a single NNSA employee. Maybe it is just too close to the upcoming election, but the amount of time spent on response from Chu may be interpreted that Solyndra is more important to him than Y-12 security.

Anonymous said...

Well, NNSA had all the labs security personnel get the camouflage uniforms, isn't that enough to keep a nun at the gates?

Anonymous said...

And this was the NNSA facility that won the big prize of a new $5 billion uranium processing facility? Geeze!

Sounds like bad performance pays off well.

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