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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DOE was warned - twice - in 2010 about Y-12 security issues.

Anonymously contributed: ============================================================================================ DOE was warned - twice - in 2010 about Y-12 security issues. How many other safety and security warnings have been ignored by DOE in the past four years? ============================================================================================


Anonymous said...

Those warnings must have gotten lost in the rush to send money to Solyndra.

Anonymous said...

The difference is stunning in how Gates handled the AF nuclear security issue a few years ago. Not only did he quickly hold a large number of high level staff accountable, but he was personally engaged on the issue. He did all this even though the weapons were never out of sight of armed guards, but were not at their correct location.
Chu can't even be bothered to show up for hearings on the NNSA security breach. He sends lower level substitutes in his place. He was personally at all the Solyndra hearings. Actions like who shows up for hearings on what issues say more about Dr. Chu's priorities and attention that all the memos, directives and guidance combined.

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