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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Who was Best and Who was Worst, and why?

How would you rate the Secretary of Energy – Who was Best and Who was Worst, and why.

Spencer Abraham January 20, 2001 - January 31, 2005
Samuel Bodman February 1, 2005 - January 20, 2009
Steven Chu January 21, 2009 - Present
Charles Duncan, Jr. August 24, 1979 January 20, 1981
James Edwards January 23, 1981 - November 5, 1982
John Herrington February 7, 1985 - January 20, 1989
Donald Hodel November 5, 1982 - February 7, 1985
Hazel O'Leary January 22, 1993 - January 20, 1997
Federico Peña March 12, 1997 - June 30, 1998
Bill Richardson August 18, 1998 - January 20, 2001
James Schlesinger August 6, 1977 - August 23, 1979
James Watkins March 1, 1989 - January 20, 1993


Anonymous said...

Schlesinger the smartest and most effective.

Bodman the most destructive, probably on the Kremlin's payroll.

Herrington and O'Leary in a tie for least intelligent.

Richardson, the most decent guy.

Chu, the most disappointing.

Watkins, the most uptight person, reinforces the maxim that retired flag officers are not capable general managers.

Anonymous said...

No serious student of the history of the Department should question ranking of Schlesinger as #1. One can have numerous different reasons for that selection, but it gets murky to rank who was worst. Worst may be in the eye of the beholder, and not all eyes will be able to clearly see how much long term impact more recent Secretaries have had.

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