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Monday, September 1, 2014


  1. Any word on the package the labs submitted to DOE for approval


Anonymous said...

Each lab submits its own package. Hard to imagine it will be a lucrative year.

Anonymous said...

It's an election year with the Administration's party under siege. Prepare for zero as a token gesture of fiscal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

The DOD is currently given out thousands of pink slips to highly qualified military officers because of the lack of funds for defense. Some of these officers are getting the pink slips while stations over in the war zones of Afghanistan.

Given this bleak outlook, why would the pay raises for people working at the NNSA labs be expected to go up by any significant amount? This is an era of defense cutbacks and reduced expectations.

Anonymous said...

Then the lab should not submit a CIP package.

Under your theory workers only get a raise when everyone else, everywhere else, gets a raise.

Does that include the llc management pay raise & bonus too? Dose that include all government employees?

Who else is included in your model besides the lower end workers?

Anonymous said...

Remember, a CIP for LLNL could result in a severe cut in Obama's green fee reserves. Get your priorities in order.


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